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Playgirl Having the Best Sex

Playgirl Having the Best Sex
In Her Life When Suddenly...

Playgirl Having the Best Sex In Her Life When Suddenly...

I've been arrested for murder! YOU be the judge and jury - P-L-E-A-S-E!

I've been involved in a romantic relationship for about a month. Every weekend, my lover and I meet at the Hotel Ritz Lisbon and have mad, mad sex.

I always carry my special lollipop with me, because I always want to insure that my lover satisfies me sexually. Well, last night, I had a little trouble getting his Twinkie aroused, so I went to my purse and took out my Lollipop and told him to suck on it just THREE times. The silly man sucked on it FOUR times instead of THREE!!

He started going into convulsion, then he clutched at his chest, and DIED!!! I immediately rang for the desk clerk and told him to send an ambulance. When the police arrived, they looked at him, and then looked at me holding my Lollipop! They handcuffed me on the spot and took me to jail.

This morning, they officially indicted me for 1st degree murder!! A little while ago, they came in again and told me that they had just found me GUILTY, and have sentenced me to hang from an old oak tree in SIN-SIN-ATI, OHIO!!

I'm innocent I tell you! How was I to know that my lover would suck my Lollipop FOUR times instead of THREE?

They refused my plea for a lawyer, and a phone call! Thank goodness one of the prisoners had a laptop, and was nice enough to lend it to me so I could communicate with you, LJ friends!

Please, am I guilty? Why?
Am I innocent? Why?

Don't you think the punishment is way too severe?

How is it possible that this adorable little Lollipop have done this to my lover?!

Join The NRA

"The Right Of The People To Keep and
Bear Arms, Shall Not Be infringed."

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