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The World According To Playgirl - 7-11-2006

The World TODAY According To Playgirl

1. Hmmm...I was wondering if pee stinks after you've eaten asparagus. I found the answer here:
Does Your Pee Stink When You Eat Asparagus?

2. I'm fascinated by slugs and raccoons, and have been wondering if slugs and raccoons like booze. I found the answer!
Slugs Are Attracted To Beer
Raccoons Break Into Homes and Get Drunk

3. LOBSTER, LOBSTER, MY KINGDOM FOR LOBSTER!! I love lobster! I love lobster more than anything on this earth! I only eat lobster when invited out to dinner by guys with lots O money, which is once in a blue moon! Why Lord, was I not born one of the Pilgrims that landed on Plymouth Rock, when lobsters were considered Food For the Poor Of Unrefined LOW-CLASS as myself? Why Lord?!!!

Playgirl Loves Popcorn!
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