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These two snapshots are of when I was stationed in South Korea
for a year. I'm wearing my Battle Dress Uniforms (BDU),
which will not be used by the soldiers anymore after this summer.
The Army Combat Uniform (ACU) have now replaced them.


UPDATE - July 16, 2006: I smell the MILITARY DRAFT coming VERY soon!

In my honest opinion, North Korea has been a much bigger threat to the U.S. than Afghanistan, Iraq or Iran. When Clinton was president, the North Koreans promised to stop their nuclear research in return for the U.S. economic aid. But as anybody would expect, they continued their nuclear program until it could be hidden any longer. Also, North Korea does in fact have sophisticated (single & dual stage) missiles, and as we all just saw, they are working on a 3 stage missile, and just because this one failed (for whatever reason), they may work out the little bugs and have something that’s dependable working soon or they may not. Just remember that the U.S. has suffered rocket failure at lift-off as well as mid-flight. Other countries have suffered these failures, too. Sadly we have all seen how fast destructive technology progresses and is improved for sure.

The U.S. and other countries may threaten sanctions and isolation (which I believe are our only options) but I don’t think that this will have any effect at all, especially since I believe that China and Russia will continue having trade relations, how ever small they may be with North Korea.

I feel that the only possible options are:
1. Sanctions
2. Do nothing or
3. A conventional attack.

From these possible options, I DO NOT see any solutions to this scary mess. The third option would mean a war much uglier than we’ve seen in many years. Military support from other countries would be very desirable. The second option would bring us some peace for a little while and the first option would probably prolong that peace for just a tiny bit longer.

Some of the comments by those who were so nice to take the time to express them, in my last post, suggested nuking them. But I really believe that this will not happen since the U.S. and other nuclear nations have agreed not to use nuclear weapons and that these weapons are to be kept as avoidance against a nuclear attack from another nuclear nation.

I honestly believe that North Korea is of the utmost danger to the U.S. (MUCH MORE SO than Afghanistan, Iraq or Iran), and to the entire world! I believe North Korea has just begun!

Both North Korea AND South Korea DO NOT want us there! While I was stationed in South Korea, they made this fact as obvious as could be!

If you would like to express your thoughts again on this topic, PLEASE DO so. I MAY OR MANY NOT comment.

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