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Good Riddance PEE BRAIN!!

Good Riddance PEE BRAIN!!

This is utterly outrageous!

1. A few posts back, I wrote that I’d give a naked picture of myself to whomever guessed my three True or False questions correctly. One LJ friend wrote that he/she was deleting me from his/her FList and for me to delete him/her, also. Why? Because he/she didn’t want a LJ friend who had anything to do with nudist colonies!

P-L-E-A-S-E!!! I couldn’t believe that this person didn’t see that I was JOKING, and had gotten that picture from some web site that has FUNNY pictures (just about everybody has seen that pic circulating throughout the web)! I don’t even know where the events of that picture took place! I've never even seen a nudist colony, but I'll tell you one thing, I'd LOVE to, because I'd have a field day taking pictures left, right, above and under with my digital camera!

How in the world could this person have thought I would REALLY post a naked picture of myself in MY Live Journal as a reward to the winner?!

Thank goodness this person showed his/her true MENTAL colors! I have NO room in my life, whether in REAL life or LJ, for someone who has no sense of humor or can’t decipher when I’m JOKING or not!

This is the pic this FOOL really believed was me, just because I doodled what I did on it!!

Oh, and good riddance PEE BRAIN!!

Some people, HONESTLY!! This is the pic the NUT really believed was me!!!

Give me a break!!


2. On another note, it happened again, only this time it happened at Sam’s. I was grabbing a bag of Meow cat food, when I felt the scream starting to brew deep inside my throat. I kept swallowing, and taking deep breathes, hoping it would go away, but it didn’t. I had to run outside before the scream would erupt from my throat, and scare the shoppers. My worst fear is for the screaming to start, because I know I won’t be able to stop it, ever. I would die of embarrassment if this were to ever happen!

I’ll be going to Sam’s again today because I have to. I’ve run out of cat food and dog food. I’ll be okay. This only happens once in a blue moon.

3. I still haven't found Porky.

4. I had the oportunity of taking MANY pictures of some WWII pictures! I'll share them with you soon!

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