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Cats and Porky

First of all, I'll reply soon to those who were sweet enough to comment their thoughts in my yesterday's post about North Korea.

I'm so sad and so angry at myself!

I lost Porky, my hedgehog, yesterday! I always put him outside in the morning, in this great big wagon, so he can get some fresh air, and then I bring him in, right before I leave for work. I forgot!

He somehow got out of the wagon! I just can't imagine how he did it. I stayed up most of the last night looking for him. I still haven't found him. He is in so much danger because of my dogs and cats. DO CATS EAT HEDGEHOGS? DO DOGS? DO YOU THINK PORKY IS DEAD BY NOW?!!

I've had ALL the once stray cats spayed and neutered, but TWO! I've gotten the trapper but haven't been able to catch these TWO cats that must be neutered and spayed. I keep catching the same ones that have already been fixed, but these to stinkers just won't take the bait! Ever! Not too long ago, I heard the two of them making this awful noise, so I ran outside to try and stop them from having sex!

Well, I'm going to have more kittens!! I'm really going crazy because I already have 11 cats. Another stray cat has entered the picture from no where!

Now, I have 5 cats to have spayed and neutered! Plus, the new kittens will come to this world any day now!! Plus, I'll have to start all over again with the trapper, because I have to catch them to take them to the vet to have them micro chipped because it is now a law that all animals must.

I'm starting to get very depressed, so, in a little while, I'll make a post about my favorite topic, bubbly BUGGERS!

My Fault
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