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Here you will find all those DARLING'S WHO PARTICIPATED, and my three questions in YESTERDAY'S POST. I promised whoever answered them all correctly, would receive a naked picture of me. Playgirl ALWAYS keeps her promise!

There was ONLY ONE winner!

These are the answers to Playgirl's three questions, and this is the TRUTH!

1. True.
I have never in my life eaten any type of fowl, because I honestly believe I was a bird in my other life. I have no idea what kind of bird I was, but I know I was a bird. If I had been one of the people in the Uruguayan charted plane that crashed in the Andes Mountains, I would have SURVIVED, because I could have easily eaten the flesh from the human dead. Had I been the only one in that plane, with a bunch of my FEATHERED FRIENDS, I would have STARVED to death, because there's no way I would have resorted to cannibalism!

I have made many chicken recipes, and I make the best Thanksgiving turkey in the world, without my fingers ever touching MY FEATHERED FRIENDS, because it is impossible for me to do so. How have I managed to accomplish this? I have other people handle the fowl, as I give explicit cooking instructions. I make ALL the rest of the fixin's myself!

I make the best Chicken Mole in the world, which I handle with tongs. I pour the chicken juice through a colander to make sure that NOT one speck of the chicken passes through. I only eat a little of the chicken mole sauce with artificial sugar. In fact, I made some Chicken Mole with sesame seeds for my Grandpa this past week-end. I ate some of the Spanish Rice with a little of the Mole sauce drizzled over it. YUMMY!

Playgirl's Chicken Mole With Sesame Seeds:

Have I ever eaten chicken by mistake? Yes, at a party. I knew immediately that I had just taken a bite out of a fellow sibling. What happened? I lost control of my bladder, I started gasping for air, I started crying, I then started screaming, I then ran outside, I then vomited, I then almost passed out!

All of my friends and family know this fact about me, and do everything in their power to make sure I never eat anything that contains poultry, because they have seen my reaction, and it has terrified them, not to mention the mess they end up having to clean up.

I find it strange that my pillows and quilt HAVE to be filled with down, and I love to dress up with colorful feathers!

2. True.
Since I can remember, I've had for Thanksgiving, a pork chop with a slice of pineapple and a cherry.

3. False.
I love eggs, and a day never passes that I don't eat one. I love scrambled eggs, over easy eggs, deviled eggs, Huevos Rancheros, egg and mayo sandwiches, omelets, and any dish which contains eggs.

[info]flannel, here is your prize from Playgirl in the RAW!heh heh

Tell me kids, do I look SEXY in the NUDE? :o)


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