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John Couey Judge To Tosses Monster's Confession

John Couey
Judge To Toss Monster's Confession

John Couey, 46 years old, will go to trail on July 10, 2006. He had already been admitted to killing Jessica Lunsford, and in fact, had told authorities EXACTLY where the little girl's body would be found.

Is there a problem? There sure is, because he now says his rights were violated because he had asked, over and over again, for a lawyer, and the sheriff's continued interrogating him, and gave him a polygraph test without ever getting him his lawyer, which is violation of Couey's rights, and now, the judge has had no choice but to toss out Couey's confession!!

Had these sheriffs’s not bungled it, (kind of a REPEAT of the O.J. Simpson trail) gotten him a lawyer when he asked for one, this trail would have gone along as smooth as could be. Why in the world would these sheriffs’s do such a thing, knowing full well of the inevitable consequences of denying the man an attorney, and especially with such an important case?

John Couey is the man who broke into Jessica Lunsford's home and kidnapped the little 9 year old gifl from her own bedroom, raped her, then buried her alive! When they found her little body, back in February of 2005, they found her in a kneeling position, clutching at her stuffed animal! My God, the inhumane horror this monster caused this little girl!

I've ALWAYS been against the death penalty, not because I pity criminal, because I've always felt that a few innocent men and women have been put to death. But cases like this one are quickly changing my mind!

I feel this man should be spared his life. Death is too good for him. If I had the power to punish this man, I would dig a DEEP hole; place him inside, place a thick steal hollow tube in his mouth, which would give him access to air. Then I'd cover the hole, and let him stay there for years, until NATRUAL death would consumed him.

I never use the word "HATE" on the web.
But I will this time.
I HATE this man monster!


WHAT are your thoughts on these two sheriff's?

HOW would YOU personally DEAL with Couey,
if you had the power?

Defense In Child-Killing Case
Asks Judge To Toss Confession

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