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I want to vomit

I just sent my server this email. I don't know if they'll get it because I even have problems with my DZN email. There are no words to fully convey the nausia, the vomit I feel in my stomach when it comes to DZN. I'm close to asking my doctor to perscribe some PROZAC.

I've been one of your customers for close to 5 years and pay by the year for your service. I have put countless hours of hard work on my website and belong to many Top Sites. I created my website with great anticipation of having a fun and relaxing hobby, of making some extra cash and for the fun of trying to beat the competition in the Top sites.

I, as your custom, have always payed you by the year in a prompt businesslike manner. Having put my trust in your professionalism in providing us, your customers, with a good and reliable service, has been a nightmare from the beginning. HELL is more like it. What a sad day it is to have to cross one's fingers in hopes that DZN will allow me to send or receive email, or be up and running like ALL the other servers on the internet. Your system crashed for close to 4 week a year ago, and I still paid for your service for the ENTIRE year. This was no problem with me because I assumed that once you fixed the problem, there would be no more problems. I, of course, was dead wrong. DZN has and continues to go up and down... and UP AND DOWN! You have been especially been on a high roll of popping us and down since Thursday and 2 weeks ago you were down all of Sunday and finally came up on Monday at 10:00 am. There is just NO end.

When are you going to sit down and figure out a solution? When will DZN finally get its act together? When will the day come when we as your customers can feel confident in turning on our computers and successfully surf or for us who created homepages, to know that it's out on the web? I do believe that I am the only one who has a homepage with DZN. Why would business men, who depend on making money through their websites continue to stay with DZN?

For the love of God! Get your act together! FIX the problem, don't just "patch" it up and hope it will be fixed for another week, or month or maybe 2! Paul is the only one you have. Hire more men with Paul's knowledge to help him out. Stop being so damn CHEAP!! I for one DO NOT care that you up the yearly bill, just so that you are finally able to provide us with good service. It's a crying shame, that even 3rd world countries have good internet services, that FREE service providers are ALWAYS up and running efficiently. DZN has developed a bad reputation because people can't even enter your own DZN website. The frustration goes beyond human endurance. Get down to business, get your act together, you are professionals who are suppose to provide professional service. Oh, and answer your phone, quit sticking your heads in the ground. GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER, once and for all...

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