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Journalists and Classified National Security Secrets

My last post was about Burning the American Flag. I was in favor for making it illegal to do so. Although, I still become enraged when I see it being burned by foreigners, and even MORE so, by American citizens, I have now changed my mind, thanks to those LJ friend's who expressed their thought provokingly wise views!

Even the 3 posts I made about that guy who refuses to go to Iraq, and which caused such a storm amongst us, forced me to reflect on both sides point of view. I still feel the same on that one, but I've come to see and fully understand those who expressed difference of opinions from my own.

Thank you kids, for opening my eyes more and more, and for teaching me so many valuable things!

And now, my NEXT topic is about Journalists and Classified National Security Secrets. I've been watching Fox News and found that the New York Times is in quite a sour pickle for revealing highly sensitive counterterrorism programs.

My question to you is, should journalists be prosecuted for publishing classified national security secrets? Why?

What are your thoughts on this? I feel they should. If you feel they shouldn't, would you care to try and change my mind about it?

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