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They Really Want To Kill Me

They Really Want To Kill Me!

THEY REALLY, REALLY, REALLY wants to KILL me this time!

I put these two pictures, a while back, in one of my posts, because my brother and I had had a terrible spat over the phone. I asked him to send me my favorite shirt IMMEDIATELY, and I'd reimburse him for the postage! It had slipped my mind to pack it into my suitcase the last time I'd been to California. He told me sarcastically that he would send it whenever HE had the TIME! I said something spiteful and he told me to kiss his ass and we hung up. Later that day, he emailed me these pic's with a message telling me to kiss his ass!

I got angry and posted them in my LJ. I DIDN'T mention to my LJ friend's that he was wearing MY shirt. I later called him and told him what I had done. He told me that if I didn't delete those pictures, he was going to catch the next plane to Texas and KILL ME! I told him that I would delete them right away.

Heh heh! I LIED! Not only did I leave them, but have now added some more! Plus I've added a picture of one of my other brothers. They have no idea that I took these pictures, with my digital camera, the day before I left!

I know for a fact that they’ve been trying to find ways of eliminating me since I was a tot. I even overheard them once talking about a hit man.

I emailed them the pictures and told them that I had just posted them in my journal! They said they were going to kill me this time! :o(


Mr. Tickles, I wouldn't be smiling if I were you.
Those sure are some hairy armpits you've got here!
And you sure as hell DON'T look very nice in MY shirt!

And Mr. Stinky says those armpits need deodorant!

Here Mr. Tickles is wearing my shirt and telling me to
kiss his ass! Mr. Tickles, I DID delete your pics
from my LJ. YEAH, RIGHT!

Mr. Tickles, it's NOT nice to mess with your
baby sister, and you shall PAY! Heh heh!

Mr. Tickles, remember when you wouldn't let me play
baseball with you and your friends? Surprise!

Remember when you stuck a wad of sticky, chewing gum
in my pigtails...hmmm? Well Mr. Wiggles, SURPRISE! heh heh

Next year I'll be sure to capture my other 2 brothers
with my camera! Opps! Almost forgot! Mr. Tickles,
YOU can kiss MY ass! Do baby sisters RULE, or what?!!

Do you feel you could be a bigger brat than I am?
If so, would any of you kids like to fill out
my application? :o)
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