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One of my Toy Poodles, Penny, was in the hospital for 8 days. Her diabetes totally got out of hand and she almost died. The vet literally saved her life. I'm afraid her downfall was due to my having missed on a couple of occasions, her evening insulin shot. Penny lost most of her beautiful hair and is now totally blind.

I must give her her two daily shots every 12 hours without fail, and continue giving her Science Diet dog food and continuously check her urine for blood sugar and the ketone's.

This is what I have to do daily:
7 am 1/4 can dog food, then give her 2 units insulin shot.
10 am 1/8 can dog food.
3 pm 1/8 can dog food.
7 pm 14 can dog food, then give her 2 units insulin shot.

The expense has been incredible, and I, as a person who has always been terrified of a needle and who faints when given a shot, I must say I've come a long way. It's been a sacrifice, but I love her so much that I've had to mentally change my attitude about this fob-ia of shots. Now I'm an expert at it.

I also have diabetes but thank God I only have to take 2 pills daily. Diabetes is a scary thing. You must follow an exact diet, exercise and poke your finger for blood to check you blood daily. If you don't, there's a big possibility of blindness, amputation or death. There is no cure for diabetes.

About 2 months ago, I forgot to take my pill and went with Buxom Blond to our favorite flea market. I started to sweat and tremble uncontrollably, my face turned yellow and was about to pass out. Buxom Blond started yelling, asking if someone had a candy. Everyone started hunting in their purses for one and finally someone found one. I gobbled it down and started feeling better. Diabetes is a horrible thing to have. I would like to created a PayPal for the Diabetic Foundation. Just as soon as I learn how to do it, I will add it to my webpage. I'd like to start one for the Animals (dogs & cats) Foundation and another one for Child Victims of Sexual Rape.

By the way, Penny is doing wonderfully!!
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