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This is in reference of yesterday's post. THERE'S NO EXCUSE FOR GUYS LOOKING LIKE THIS

One of my LJ friends davev1968 made this comment and I feel I must try to make myself explicitly clear about what I meant to convey in that post.

This is what my LJ friend replied:

Here is a guy that is probably around 50 supporting himself by selling used romance novels on the sidewalk. His display is made from some old boxes and a carpet remnent. His clothes are old and do not fit right. He may need a shower and shave. He does not look proud of himself, his job, his clothes, or his situation.

Oh, and someone has made him into a joke.

He looks to me to be one of the working homeless, possibly living out of a car or van. I say that because he looks like the guy that I have seen at local bookstores who lives in his car. Maybe he lost his job and no one would hire him because of his age. Now, he doesn't have a home and he can't even get a job at McDonald's because most places won't hire someone without an adress. So he buys and sells used books on the street to what little money he can.

His clothes probably came from goodwill, or maybe a shelter, but either way, when you are fat and poor, you don't have a lot of choice and you take what you can get. On other thing, those clothes might fit better when he is standing up. I know some of my clothes do.

Some may be wondering how one can be poor, homeless, and fat. Try living on the dollar menu at fast food restraunts because that is all you can afford and have no place to store fresh food. Just ask the journalist

who submitted his story of how he lost his job, his savings, and his house, in that order, and ended up living in his truck at public campgrounds. It is cheaper to eat junk than healthy food.

I think he may have more problems than how he looks. And, I seriously doubt he is trying to attract a woman.

Many of you already know that I picked up a homeless man a while back and brought him home to live with me. He is the man I call my Grandpa. There is no way I would belittle anyone who is either homeless or mentally ill!

When I expressed my disgust in this man in the picture, I did so only to let those men who have the means to dress presentably and go through the procedures of good grooming, that there is NO excuse to look like the guy in the pic. It has nothing to do with trying to impress a girl or not, it has to do with feeling good about yourself. How can you possibly have confidence if you know you have BO and half your crack is showing?! It has NOTHING to do with weight! I've seen guys and gals of all sizes looking fabulous because they were groomed and dressed neatly. I've had terrible CRUSHES on guys of all sizes! Size has absolutely NOTHING to do with looking SEXY. Good grooming, a good heart, a sense of humor, a good conversationalist, are just among the many things that make a man SEXY!

I myself was once caught looking worse than that guy in the pic and I'll share in my next post. It will be a repeat post because I posted it a couple of years ago.

By and by, remember! I WAS ONCE HOMELESS, TOO!! So how could I possibly not feel compassion for the homeless, when I have literally walked in their shoes??!!

I ask again, what are your thoughts on this topic? I really want to know.
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