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I don’t know what’s been going on in my life lately. First, I get dumped without noticed from a LJ friend because I don't know how to behave. I even had a nightmare about that guy! I dreamt that I had written something in my journal and he had corrected me sarcastically about my English grammar by telling me angrily that I should say, "I would HAVE gone," instead of "I would OF gone!? Then I read terribly derogatory statements about Hispanic women from another EX-LJ guy friend. Then I lost the friendship of Norma, one of my dearest real life friends over my pickup truck and the city dump. Then Lolly, another one of my very best real life friend’s tells me she’ll be moving to Phoenix, Arizona in June, because professionals like her get paid 3 times more than they do here! My next door neighbor, the bleached blond with the black roots wants to beat the shit out of me. And now this!

I rarely go out partying, and hadn’t gone out since I got back from Key West. Glory and I decided to go to Cd. Juarez, Mexico last night. We went to this very nice lounge to have some drinks and a botana (dips, chips, etc.) and to listen to piano music. I was wearing a little dark green dress that I had bought at the 2nd hand store, and clear flip flop heels that made the cutest little FLIP FLOP sound when I walked, and Glory was wearing a gorgeous BRAND NEW lavender pant suit outfit.

We were deep in conversation as I sipped on my usual Margarita and she on her Bloody Mary, when these two extremely attractive looking guys approached us and asked if they could join us. They seemed nice so we let them. After a while, the guy who seemed to like me, asked me if we would like to have dinner with them at one of the most exclusive restaurants in Juarez. I NEVER ever go by looks or wealth, but I did this time. They seemed very nice, and I’m sorry to admit to you that a big factor in accepting their invitation was due to the fact that they were gorgeous and exuded much wealth and power, which is very apparent in Mexico from the very rich. I mean, you can literally smell the aroma of money oozing out of their pores.

We told them that we would drive in our own car and meet them there.

When we got there, they were waiting for us in front of the restuarant, and we all went to this little section right next to the dining area to wait to be seated. There was a live combo playing very romantic Bolano music and a small dancing area. I was listening to them play, when the guy stood up and told me he wanted to dance. I got up and danced. He held me a little too tightly as we danced, and ever-so-often, he'd stare into my eyes. It was a strange look, a look that I didn't feel confortable with and was glad when the music was over.

The guy that was with Glory was talking, joking and making us laugh. I noticed that the guy who was with me was not very nice. I don’t know how to express his attitude toward me, but I’ll try. It was obvious he was interested in me, but there was no mistaking that he had an attitude, and not a very nice one. He gave me the impression that he felt he was better than me, in other words, he was stuck up. It was like he felt that he was superior to me because he was rich, and I wasn’t; as if I had never been to such an exclusive restaurant in my life, and as if I were starving for the food. It was as if he owned me. There were even times where he was rude with me. I put up with it and just ignored him completely and paid my full attention to Glory and the guy she was with. This infuriated the guy, and he went as far as to turn his back on me.

I asked Glory to go with me to the bathroom with me, and once we got there, I told her that I didn't like the guy at all and wanted to go home. She said she had also noticed how ugly he had been treating me. I told her I would give her a sign as to when we would leave. She said okay. Let me add here that it’s always been Glory’s, Lolly’s, Norma’s and my policy to always leave together in our own car when we go partying.

When we went back to sit down, the guy looked at me and put his arm around my shoulders and pulled me close to him. The waiter then approached us and told us our table was ready. We got up and went to sit down at our table. The table looked beautiful, with an off white linen tablecloth with matching napkins. The waiter brought us the menu, and we ordered. I placed my menu on the table and reached for the glass of water, when the guy I was with, reached over and grabbed the napkin on the table and threw it over my lap, telling me in a most sarcastic tone that it was a (servilleta) napkin and it was suppose to be placed on ones lap. I felt the hot blood rush to my face in anger, but kept my mouth shut and continued sipping on the glass of ice water, and paying full attention to the lovely piano music in the background.

Finally the waiters arrived with our plates and a bottle of wine. My steak and lobser smelled and looked spectacular. The waiter pour some wine into my goblet and I took a sip of it, then looked over at Glory, and made eye to eye contact. I grabbed the napkin from my lap, stood up and threw it on the table. I told Glory in a loud voice that it was time to go. She got up and we walked out, but just before I made my complete exit, I turned around and stare at the ASSHOLE. He had a look of disbelief on his face.

I grin from ear to ear, thinking how embarressed he must have been as the waiters and everyone else noticed that we had walked away, leaving them there with a table full of wonderful food.

It is 10:53 AM and I find I have only ONE regret; the lobster. I should have shoved it into my purse, then left!


"Dancing. my favorite social event."
- Dirk Benedict

"Did any of you guys order an
asshole from room service?"
- Bachlor Party

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