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The suffering and devastation is there, in plain view. Why can't we all see it and change our ways before it's too late? We all have our own little space on this earth and we don't respect it. I see what we're doing to our animals, killing them for profit, pushing them further and further out of their own natural habitat, that an alarming amount of these beautiful creatures are becoming extinct. These animals know the laws of nature, and they know that it provides them with all their daily needs. They respect it because they know it's their source of life. We humans are truly animals, the beasts of destruction. We travel in groups of millions, spreading our vileness and sickness to Pachamama, Mother Earth.

Through greed and ignorance, and plain just not caring, we continue to violate her without mercy. We continue to contaminate the water that she gives us, and we continue raping her very soul by destroying our tropical rain forests for profit. We continue developing more chemicals for better and more destructive methods of warfare. We continue drilling deeply into her heart for oil. We are a spoiled, heartless breed of animal, for at her expense, we continue demanding our lives be filled with more and more luxuries.

I try to do my little part in order to protect Pachamama. These are some of the things I do save our natural resources and protect the environment, in order to ensure them for future generations:

1. I try to buy most of my clothes, household items and books at 2nd hand stores. The only thing I buy brand new is electronic equipment and underwear.

2. I own a small economical car, and use my bicycle a lot for running small errands.

3. I never throw away left over food. I throw it out in my backyard, and it disappears in an instant, thanks to the birds.

4. I throw all leftovers, such as banana peelings, egg shells, fruit peelings, nut shells into a bag and on weekends, dig a little whole in my backyard and bury them. It's food for Pachamama.

5. When I go out to eat and I can't clean my plate, I ask for a doggy bag and bring the food home. The bread, crackers or fortune cookies I don't eat, I put them in my car and scatter them throughout the parking lots. There are many hungry little birds out there looking for food.

6. Beauty supplies:
a. I buy a giant jar of Vaseline as a body and face moisturizer.
b. I use only Non-Aerosol Cans of deodorant, perfume, cologne and hairspray.

c. I condition my hair with mayonnaise, and once a week, I give myself a facial by using an avocado, and the gel of a vitamin E capsule.

7. Recycling:
I recycle aluminum cans, tin or steel cans, newspaper, telephone directories, magazines, I use an artificial Christmas tree, electronic equipment, and I participate in the curbside recycling programs.

8. I donate many different things to the poor in my city and Mexico.

9. I reduce energy consumption by making sure I turning off lights after I leave a room, and never leaving the TV on. I use those little electrical heating pots for potpourri, and use a little Downy or Suavitel with a cup of water to leave a nice smell throughout my house. I try to buy mostly wash and wear clothing. I live in a SIZZLING HOT city, but I try to use fans as much as possible, and rarely turn on the air conditioner. I use the clothes lines instead of my clothes dryer. I had my house insulated last year. In the winter, I do not turn on the heater, and only do so for taking a shower. I replaced my large electric coffee maker with a small 4-cup coffee maker. When the coffee is ready, I turn it off immediately, then pour it in a thermo to keep it hot. When lots of people come over, I make them instant.

10. I try to limit my use of water as much as possible. I take quick showers, wash clothing only when I have a full load, and never use my dishwasher to wash dishes.

One of the things which enrage me is to find my mail box full of JUNK mail. This unsolicited JUNK mail is not only a pain in the ass, but it means the slaughter of so many trees!

Can't the people see that the drastic changes in our weather are due how the permanent loss of rain forests and all the other abuses caused to Mother Earth? This is the only home we have, there's no other place to, so we MUST do our part, in whatever way we can, to protect her before it's too late.


"Many people excuse their own faults but
judge other persons harshly. We should
reverse this attitude by excusing others'
shortcomings and by harshly examining our own."
- Paramahansa Yogananda

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