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"Too small is our world to allow discrimination,
bigotry and intolerance to thrive in any corner
of it, let alone in the United States of America."
- Eliot Engel

First of all, I like to ask my LJ friend's this question because it has suddenly become VERY important to me.

I feel I've ALWAYS made it explicitly clear, in one form or another, that I am a girl that's MEXICAN, Lebanese and Spanish.

DID YOU KNOW THAT?? Maybe this guy, who caused me to feel so badly and actually caused me to cry with mixed feelings, didn't realize it since I'm fair skinned!

If ANY of my LJ friend's didn't realize this, and have a PROBLEM with it, DELETE ME NOW!!

This is what happened:

A guy befriended me about a month ago, and after going over his profile page, I friended him, also, because he seemed to be an intelligent, courteous, and a NICE type of guy. I found he loved animals, a writer of fiction and poetry, which as you all know I'm an animal lover. I love fiction and in particular, poetry and was seriously thinking of buying one of his books. Yes, I felt he would have been a wonderful LJ friend, who I could learn many things from. BOY was I WRONG!

He had asked for some help from his LJ friends about something that pertained to computers. I went in, like the IDIOT that I am, and left a cutesy girlie NON-sexual comment. I didn’t much care for the manner in which he replied, after all, I HAD assumed he was a gentleman, and was quite surprised by a certain word he used. It wasn't a bad word, it was just the kind of word a guy uses with a guy and NOT with a girl. I wasn’t too tickled about it, but just let it go, although I could feel it in my bones that this guy had no regard for my feelings, nor did he respect me.

The next day, he made a new post. I was shocked by some extremely derogatory comments he had written in his journal about Mexicans, and particularly about Mexican Girls, and which I found heartbreaking and most disturbing.

I had no idea that WE minority girls were viewed as something less than human. What made matters worse, was the fact that I decided to go back to leave a comment, when I read a comment that another LJ friend of his had made, and according to his calculations, just about ALL of us Mexican Girl’s are ice cold, and won’t shake our WHATEVER, unless guys open their wallet. SO, according to that guy, just about ALL of us MEXICAN GIRLS are prostitutes!

I will not leave the link to this guy’s LJ, and I will not copy what he stated in his journal, because it is not my place to do so, but I will post here the reply I left in HIS journal:

"This is the cutesy comment I had left:

Psst…You must whisper romantic words of love, into your computer’s ear, in order for her to remain faithful, and purr like a kitten throughout the web. :o)

Here he left the comment which I seriously suspected he had absolutely no respect for me because of the ONE word he used which a guy just doesn't use when addressing a girl. It's a word used between a guy and a guy.

Here he made a NEW POST with comments I found SHOCKING!

This is the comment I left on something I felt JUST COULDN’T BE POSSIBLE and I decided to test him to see if I was right.:


He replied with three words. I won't right those 3 words down here. They weren't bad words, just proved my suspecions that this guy felt MEXICAN girls were whores.

This is the reply I gave him, and let me add this, I hope to NEVER EVER again encounter this man in cyberspace for as long as I live!:

Varies by the gal? You seem to judge a book by its cover, huh?

By and by, this LAZY, SHIFTY, MEXICAN GIRL, whose English skills leave much to be desired, but does HOST her own domains, and who is pretty knowledgeable in both
GENERAL NETWORKING and IIS, should have commented in a much more somber manner by adding HER input about the question you inquired about in your last post about good backup programs.

Sooooo, in my humble opinion, Norton's Ghost is an excellent product for making an exact image of your computer's drive. This is typically done soon after you have a fresh OS installed with the proper drivers and configuration required. Data is not something that's 'cloned' during the image making process since creating an image takes plenty of time and because of this, it is not feasible to make a clone every day. This is the reason people will back up there 'data' on a regular basis using a tape backup system, since a Ghost image is an exact duplicate of your computer's OS, drivers, and configuration plus any data contained in the computer at the exact time the image was made. In case of a disaster i.e. where your hard disk and/or it's contents were destroyed, you'd be able to restore the image back to the hard drive (or onto a new hard drive for that matter). After this is done, you simply restore all of your data files back to the disk (and hopefully :) you do have a backup of your data files). Ghost does have data backup features, or you can use other systems such as stated by the prior poster.

Oh, and this poor dim-witted Mexican girl, who just can't seem to master her English, does excel in finances, mathematics, and especially calculus!!

Now, I shall bid you farewell. Please delete me from your Flist, because I will delete you, just as soon as I exist this place. Oh, and have a great day!

Let me say here, LJ friends, that intolerance and bigotry
are a form of disease which spreads quickly, and if we
don't put a stop to it now, it WILL eventually
destroy the whole world! The word BIGOTRY is an
ugly word which emits a foul deadly odor!
Savanah ~Laverne - otherwise known as
- Playgirl

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