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1. Some of you already know that I Had To Sue
The City
in order to get back the irrigation water rights they STOLE from me.

I had to fight again in Feb. of this year. They used the irrigation water rights that belonged to ME, for a couple of years, and when I got them back, they wouldn't pay the taxes for the year 2005. I had to waste my time all over again, in order to make them pay for those taxes! Again, I won.

2. My property value was raised a whopping $33,000.00 in 2004, and I just got another city appraisal, adding another whopping value of $24,000.00 to my house. What does this mean? It means that I pay MORE property taxes on my house!! I honestly believe that there is some EVIL entity in America, trying to force homeowners to lose their homes.

I went and fought to have them reduce my taxes in 2005, and they lowered them $13,000.00. I will AGAIN, go and fight this year to have them lower that ADDED sinfully high appraisal of $24,000.00!! What the hell goes on here?! Sure, I have a full acre of land and a big house, but it's 50 YEARS OLD and I will
have to have the plumbing replaced very soon, which is going to cost me a fortune! In a matter of two years, the appraisal value on my house has gone up to a total of $44,000.00!! How much will they decide to raise it next year?

When I bought this house, I bought it in a good neighborhood and at a price range which I felt I could afford - $157,000.00. At the rate they're upping the value on it, it will eventually be impossible to come up with the yearly taxes. Is it possible this is what they are hoping for, to force me to lose my house? I'm beginning to wonder.

Why are THEY making it so impossible for those who want to be productive American citizens? Why are THEY making it so HARD for us to just plain try to survive?!!


We will no longer rent out the house in
Oceanside California and will be rent out the house on a full time basis as we have been doing with the
house in
Costa Mesa, California, due to the fact that we are having problems with the Realtor / neighbor who sold us the house. Apparently she and another
neighbor don't like the fact that there are new renters coming to stay every week. She has already gone as far as going to the property and telling the tenant that they cant be renting the house as a vacation home. She had no right to even step on the property, much less even talk to the tenants. The house is located in a PUD (Planned Unit Development). It is managed by an association, which members consist of the neighborhood community. The association makes the rules for the homeowners. The realtor is continuously fighting the fact that the house is used as a weekly vacation home for rent. She has gone as far as calling meetings to have us stop renting the house on a weekly basis. We have already contacted a real estate attorney who is working on getting these women off our backs as well as having her reprimanded for what she has done. In the process of this whole thing, we have found it to be easier to just rent out the house on a full time basis.

This is the letter we sent to the woman and to the real estate company:

• Your real estate agent employed by your company and who represented her self as a Realtor for your company will stop entering private property and harassing us or any guests. Your employee was not invited onto the property. We have written testimonials documenting such actions.
• Your real estate agent has no business contacting my client's home financing company interfering in third party disclosure. What she has done is illegal and will not be tolerated.
• Your real estate agent will no longer contact my client by phone, email, mail, etc. All correspondence will be handled through me.
• We have phone records where calls have been placed to my client posing as the homeowners association this will stop.

Your real estate agent is employed and represents your brokerage; therefore your brokerage is equally responsible in this matter and will be held responsible. This will stop immediately otherwise we will take you to court and sue for damages.

Oceanside California, Home

Costa Mesa, California Home

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