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Dear LJ friends, we all have different views on controversial topics. How boring life would be if we all thought alike.

I emphatically believe in freedom of speech! Were I to delete you just because I didn’t like or agree with your viewpoints, then I’d be defeating the purpose. Please know that you may express your viewpoints on any given topic I bring up. If they differ from my own, so be it. Express yourself. Many have brought things to my attention which have opened my eyes and made me see their version. Maybe you’ll be able to sway me to your way of thinking, and maybe not, but you have every right to express yourself here in my journal.

Should you find me to be an idiot, call me an idiot, if you find me to be a slut, call me a slut, if you find me to be a crazed quacky nut, call me a crazed quacky nut. I may get upset with you, but I will NEVER delete you from my friend’s list, besides, I can handle it, believe me!

Believe me, when someone suddenly deletes you from their FList, because you somehow expressed something they didn’t like, it’s just like a slap in the face, or worse yet, it’s just like that person grabbed you by the panties and literally through you out of their house! I’ve been thrown away like a piece of trash by a LJ friend, I have been excommunicated for the Internet Catholic Church, and I have had to fight tooth and nail, against SOME Vets who belong to Top Vet sites, just because of my web site, or because I have expressed (without any offense intended) something which just doesn’t jive with a person.

Should you ever want to delete me, then that’s your choice, but I will NEVER delete you for expressing yourself in my journal! I will NEVER do that to you!

By the same token, if YOU can't handle me, then delete me by all means!

So, on with the show and lets EXPRESS ourselves! I'm FIRST! heh heh

Mexican citizens have their own laws in Mexico. Why in the hell are they here in this country protesting the U.S. laws?

Read this CAREFULLY:
Immigration Laws of U.S.,
Mexico Differ, Have Similarity

Go try and get a job over there or buy a house and their answer is NO!!!

Illegal immigrant means ILLIGAL, and furthermore, it means if you are in the U.S. illegally, YOU are committing a CRIME! How dare you come into this country illegally and cause such mayhem! How dare you!

My city is a border city. My city is filthy. My city is ugly. My city pays minimum wage. My city's taxes keep going up faster that homeowners can save to pay those property taxes. American citizens CANNOT find jobs because big business owners have moved their business to Mexico (maquilladoras), or hire slave labor in El Paso, and where can slave labor be acquired? From ILLIGAL immigrants.

Mexico needs to get its act together immediately, and work out a system where the people can have jobs there and live with dignity. President Fox will soon complete his term. All this man did during his time as President was prance around all over the world in his expensive leather boots, along with his Laura Bush wannabe of a wife!

I'm seriously thinking of selling my house and getting the hell OUT of Dodge!

What the hell goes on here?


Mexico To Legalize Personal
Amounts Of Pot, Cocaine, Heroin

Join The NRA

"The Right Of The People To Keep and
Bear Arms, Shall Not Be infringed."

U.S. Army
Join the U.S. Army
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