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Often times and by many, I've been asked why I don't show ALL of my face.

FIRST, I want to take this opportunity to say that I DO NOT want any of my LJ friend's to spend a penny on my Sexy Legs Playgirl site. I have enough traffic from other sources that bring me more money than you'll ever imagine. You have PLAYGIRL here, in her LJ to interact with. This is a FUN place, NOT a business! This is the ONLY place on the web where I actually communicate with my cyber friends and I enjoy you kids so very much, plus I LOVE YOU!

Let me share with you exactly how Sexy Legs Playgirl came to be, and why Playgirl is a bit leery about showing too much of her face.

Once upon a time I use to surf the internet and became very interested in many of the web pages I would find. After a while, I was curious as to how one created a web site, and found I wanted one, also. I knew NOTHING about computers.

I found there were programs that could make instant pages for you, but I wanted to learn HTML and self taught myself and created my first homepage. I know you'll be shock to find that it was about RELIGION, with lots about God and angels. After a while, I found that these pages would have maybe 4 or 5 visitors per day. People just weren't interested in religion. This made it impossible for me to make money.

One day, I accidentally found some cam sites and knew instantly that I wanted one. It took me like forever to learn how to install a webcam, but being the persistent person that I am, I finally was able to do it.

Next step was to find a name for myself and for my site and came up with the name Sexy Legs Playgirl. Many of the pics I have in my site are of poor quality because of the cam. I was shy, so I'd only show my legs.

Little did I know that by never showing my face, my site would become more and more popular. I believe people would drop in ever-so-often out of curiosity to see if I'd ever show my face.

As time went by, I added pages with every topic imaginable, even my own personal greeting cards, and my site became even more popular, so popular that today, I get anywhere from 150,000 to 200,000 visitor's every 24 hours. On holidays, these figures double.

I eventually became more daring and started showing more and more because of the competition. When you have an adult web site like mine, you develope many enemies, and a few stalkers. This is why there is no access to my email address. I had to take it off and create a way to be contacted. I receive too much email and RARELY reply. I hate email. I create most of my graphics, but do have some animations and midis and should they have a copywrite, I want the owner to have access in bringing it to my attention so I may delete them.

During that time, my provider was DZN, and when they found out of the astronomical traffic I had acquired, they blocked me from my own FTP and STOLE my entire website, even my own personal poetry and my pictures! They went in and replaced my affiliates with their own. This went on for about a year. I was devastated and did everything in my power to fight them. What made it so impossible was the fact that they are located in Austin, Texas. It's almost impossible for you to do anything when theft occurs on the net.

So what I did was buy my own domain and start Sexy Legs Playgirl all over again! Through much work and persistence, I was finally able to bring back the traffic to my OWN site.

Since my site had become so popular, I decided that I wanted to HOST my own site. I took some computer and network related courses in college and one of the topics covered was IIS. I played with IIS on my own computer and eventually learned how to control the security and accessibility aspects of it. Then I played around by setting up my own dedicated web server using my existing Roadrunner connection to the internet. After discovering that that was too slow, I leased a server but did not use it for several months because I could not figure out how to set everything up correctly. Eventually, I figured out how to get my site up on that server but then suffered numerous security attacks where people uploaded their own content to freeload off my server. I found a solution for this and if you’ll note, it’s IMPOSSIBLE for anyone to FREELOAD of my server. My own content was also destroyed by hackers a few times but I would restore and with the help of friends, learned how to protect myself from such attacks.

Although it's much more expensive than having someone host your server, I have noticed that by hosting my own server, I have better speed and more reliability. Other services that used to host my site went down at least once a week and that was very frustrating and money was lost.

It is a slow process and you learn as you go along. Something new always pops up and it just doesn't stop.

Please DO NOT ask me how to do all this because it is WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYY too much trouble and time consuming and I barely have enough time as it is to attend to my own business, and to write about enjoyable topics here on LJ. My only advice to you would be to learn html fundamentals, take general networking classes, and classes on IIS as I did.

Since I have so much traffic from people from all over the world, it is just too DANGEROUS for me to show ALL of my face because I am single and I'm alone, so what I do now is show parts of it only. I have recently become more daring and have started showing a little bit more because of the competition. IT’S ALL ABOUT MONEY!!

A couple of years ago, I bought many more domains and one of them is in Spanish
Amor Postales, and surprisingly, it has surpassed Sexy Legs Playgirl in popularity. It is my favorite place to hang out in because it is FAMILY FRIENDLY, and the epitome of love and romance, and have created many greeting cards. I created a tracker last year to see how many cards were being sent throughout all the Spanish speaking countries, including Spain, and found that already over 3 million cards have been sent (UPDATE: close to 4 million). I am delightfully shocked!

I continuously get offers from people, wanting to buy both Sexy Legs Playgirl and, but I never will sell.


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