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Thank You


Thanks to those LJ friend's who commented in my CAME SO CLOSE TO PHYSICALLY ATTACKING THE BITCH post. I appreciate it.

The problem is that in the two times that my kittens were attacked, I did NOT actually see her two dogs attack my kittens. But I KNOW they were the ones because I have a 10 foot tall rod iron fence throughout my front yard, with the rods about 5 inches apart. The dogs can cross into my front yard because they are tiny.

When the first kitten was so viciously attacked last year, Grandpa put chicken wire straight across my the fence on that side, so her dogs couldn't cross over anymore. But what happened this time was that I got the irrigation water to flood my front lawn, and it reached so high that the top soil directly below the wire, came down a little. The dogs crawled under the wire to get into my property.

I have been told that I can't do anything because I did NOT actually see these dogs attack my kittens. I know they did, because they are so tiny, that they can easily cross over.

This woman has a rock fence, about 3 feet high on her front yard, but the problem is that she didn't have it run to my side because of my rod iron fence. What as infuriated me about her is her disgusting attitude and her constant denial. This time, I'm going to have some other kind of more secure wire placed on my fence. I'll have it buried much deeper into the ground than it was last time.

I am a big time animal lover, but if this does not take care of my problem, then I'll just have to shoot the little bastard demons next time I see them on my property. And I WILL!

I totally lost control yesterday and came much too close to getting physically aggressive with this disgusting woman. I am the one who entered her property to confront her. I must and will watch myself in the future, because when you're a property owner, you find that your hands are tied. My greatest fear is that of being sued!

Last night, I took a double dosage of my sleeping pills and knocked out instantly. I am much better now, and am back to my old obnoxious self!

Thank you so much, my LJ friends for your concern, and I love you all very much!

I still slobber at the mouth with this uncontrollable yearning of beating the living shit out of that ugly BITCH! I kind of have a feeling deep down in my bones, that she and I will someday get physical in a very bad way.

The little solid black kitten is the one that was murdered yesterday!

There were four kittens, now there are three.


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