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You don't have to participate in being interviewed.
So, if you would just prefer to leave a comment, please do so.

1. Leave me a comment saying, "Interview me."
2. I will respond by asking you five questions of a very intimate and creepily personal nature. Or not so creepy/personal.

3. You WILL update your LJ with the answers to the questions.

4.You will include this explanation and an offer to interview someone else in the post. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions.

Mareb interviewed me and these are my answers.
You will find her LJ link at the bottom of this page.

1. What made you decide to join the Army?

By the time my 4 older brothers and I graduated from high school, and through no choice of our own, we HAD to leave home to fend for ourselves. My brothers and I NOW realize it was the best thing our parents did for us!

I was 17, didn't have a penny to piss on, I didn't have a place to live, I was uneducated, and I didn't want to EVER get married and depend on a MERE man. So, I got a job flipping burgers at Jack in the Box. I was too physically and mentally hyper. I despised confinement and the tediousness of flipping so many damn burgers.

I come from a family of Army.

I wanted to buy a home someday and become TOTALLY independent and realized that by flipping burgers for the rest of my life, these things would NEVER happen. I had no other option but to join the Army in order to fulfill these certain dreams.

I will forever be grateful to the U.S. Army!

2. If you could create your perfect mate, what would he be like?

My perfect mate is unattainable because he is unrealistic. He just does not exist, but he DOES lives solely in my imagination.

He must be remarkable, stimulating, competitive, and have an enthusiasm for life, and must be MUCH more intelligent than I am, so that he may teach me the many things I don't know. I am temperamental, melodramatic, a brat, and utterly inconsistent and he must be able to deal with it. I MUST have my space, and I WILL NOT tolerate being ordered around. I behave like a 5 year old at times; he must also, and be my best friend. He would have to be a survivor, like I AM!

He must love cooking as much as I do, love animals, nature, have a sense of humor and make me laugh sometimes, have a love for firearms, music, dancing, and have the patience to listen to me play Chopsticks, or make an attempt to play Franz Schubert's Ave Maria, or Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata on my piano. He would have to be as child-like as I am and LOVE adventure, and believe in Shadow People, Peter Pan, and Captain Hook, Santa Claus, the Tooth fairy, werewolves, vampires, dragons and gargoyles, and visit SPOOKY cemeteries with me and find them just as mysterious and fascinating as I do. I cry and laugh a lot; he must cry and laugh with me. He must feel COMPASSION for all living things that hurt in this world.

He must enjoy poetry, and war movies, and SPOOKY blood and gore movies so we can cuddle close to each other in terror. He must be a non-smoker, NO DRUGS, not care for the nightclub scene that much, and play Monopoly, and Scrabble with me and let me win sometimes! YAY!

He would have to fulfill with enthusiasm and without an ounce of reserve, my every expectation. By and by, looks don't mean that much to me, but he must have this certain devilish look in his eyes, and there must be a fervent magnetic sexual attraction between the two of us, and he must be skilled in love making and be an expert with his mouth, tongue and hands, (I am) and let his imagination run wild. He must keep looking for something new to add to our sexual repertoire. I am quite NEW at this thing called sex, (but have found I am incredibly passionate and hot natured) so he must teach me ALL he knows. He MUST have at least one small scare on his body.

My sweet innocent voice is quite misleading. He must be able to keep up with my devilish or angelic mood swings. The fact that I've been a soldier, love guns, am an expert shooter, jumped from airplanes, should NOT intimidate him what-so-ever. Communication is of the utmost importance. I bore easily. I am notorious for my mischievousness. He would have to be just as mischievous as I am. We must perform dominant and submissive sex play, but not to the extreme. He must know exactly what I mean when I say that I want to 69 and suck on a Lollypop! He must be extremely romantic, hot natured and be the finest kisser in the world.

Okay, I’ve come back to reality. How distressing it is to recognize that my PERFECT mate IS unattainable because he is unrealistic, and just does NOT exist...

3. What is your favorite thing to cook? Why?
Yeast bread and sweet rolls. Why? Because it took me forever to teach myself how to work with the yeast. I finally discovered that I acquired perfection in the yeast, by using my little finger as a thermometer. Oh, and there's nothing more heavenly that the aroma of freshly baked bread.

4. Who was your first love?
I've never been in love.

5. What is your favorite guilty pleasure.
Lock my front gate, lock up all the doors to my house, turn off the ringer from my cell and regular phone, lock myself in my computer room, light the candles, tinker with my computer, play solitaire, listen to music, let my imagination run wild, watch rented blood and gore movies and be scared shitless, while my 4 legged kids cuddle in terror, sip on my Margarita and eat pizza with chunks of pineapple. Oh, and fantasize about my UNREALISTIC perfect mate!


Interviewed by Marieb

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