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It is not sex that gives the
pleasure, but the lover.
- Marge Piercy

One of my LJ friend's has asked me on three different occasions, why my posts don't match my profile. I've ignored to answer his question each time, but after being asked again for the third time, I've decided to give him an answer. I could have answered his question in my COOKIES AND MILK PERMANENTLY SCREENED LIVE JOURNAL, where he asked these questions, but I'd rather answer them here, right out in the open. I will NOT expose his name.

These are the questions he's asked me:
I am curious why your posts don't match your profile. Are you really chaste and celibate? Your profile says one thing, your posts another.

And this is what my profile states:

I am single and will REMAIN single for the rest of my life. Whether it is in cyberspace or REAL life, I ONLY permit platonic relationships in my life and ABSOLUTELY NOTHING else. This means you may touch me anywhere you wish, from my neck UP!

And this is my reply:

Since I'm SINGLE, and as FREE as a bird, and totally INDEPENDENT, I can very much DO as I please.

I am unpredictable, and never quiet know whether I'll wake up in the morning as a little devil or angel. Some of my posts are all sugar and spice and everything nice, while others are provocative and extremely naughty. But this doesn't mean a thing, does it, should it? This is the beauty of being an individual... is it not? Wouldn't it be boring if everyone/everything was predictable? How B-O-R-I-N-G!!

You ask me if I'm really chaste and celibate. You've GOT to be kidding!

Although, I AM NOT indebted to give you or any other living soul on this planet earth, or cyberspace, an explanation, I have CHOSEN to explain.

I DO only permit platonic relationships in my life, and NOBODY touches me from my neck DOWN. BUT! WHEN I GET HOT ASS HORNY, (and I do, ever-so-often, just like ALL human beings) and I don't wish to rely on my VIBRATOR, I use the REAL think to fulfill my sexual fantasies and desires!

"Having sex is like playing bridge. If you don't
hav a good partner, you'd better have a good hand."
- Unknown

The keyword here is, I CHOOSE! I say WHEN! I say WHO! When it comes to my body and sexual needs, I RULE! It's my prerogative, got it?!

No, I am NOT chaste! No, I am NOT celibate! I'm NOT a whore in REAL life, but then, I'm NOT a NUN either. I am extremely HOT natured! (Hell, I'm a Latina!) No, I DO NOT screw every Tom, Dick or Harry (only a few DICK'S! No pun intended - Heh heh!) I am EXTREMELY cautious, and EXTREMELY particular!

"Tell him I've been too fucking
busy - or vice versa."
- Dorothy Parker

DO NOT insult my intelligence, or try to make a mockery of me. I can read between the lines, and I DON'T appreciate it! Do you think I haven't caught on to what you've been trying to insinuate by your cunning questions and innuendos?

You've underestimated me. It takes an awful lot for me to lose my cool, but you have managed to get my blood boiling with anger. Do you realize that you are the FIRST of all my Live Journal friend's who has had the audacity to confront me in such a contemptible manner, and not only once, but three times?

And while I'm at it, back in February, you told me that I had forgotten your birthday. I apologized and immediately spent a WHOLE dollar buying you a Live Journal balloon, stating all my birthday wishes for you. You NEVER even acknowledged it, much less thanked me! How RUDE!

So, now this is my question to you! Are you going to behave, and get it through your head, that I really DO NOT owe ANYBODY an explanation as to what I state in my User Info Live Journal page, or what I do in my PRIVATE sex life?

If you don't respond in my PERMANENTLY SCREENED LIVE JOURNAL, I will delete you from my Flist IMMEDIATELY!You have two choices. You can reply here, or in my PERMANENTLY SCREENED LIVE JOURNAL post, tell me to shove it, or apologize. It's as easy as that.

By and by, to all my OTHER wonderful LJ friend's, today is Palm Sunday, and I must be on my merry way to the 5 o'clock mass. I really need to pray, I don't like to have negative feelings, especially during LENT!!! I will be wearing my Sunday best, which is a hot pink mini suit with my light pink ankle wrap high heel shoes, and a dab of one of my favorite perfume's, Very Irresistiable by Givenchy, on all my pulse points. I love perfume and have enough to last me a lifetime!

I will soon post another
Voice Post. YAY!


Playgirl's Quotes For Today:

"I am continuously changing. I am not today
who I was yesterday, nor will I be tomorrow
that that I am today. There is NO "in between"
apparatus to my personality.
- Playgirl

Join The NRA

"The Right Of The People To Keep and
Bear Arms, Shall Not Be infringed."

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