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My problem began approximately 2 months ago. I pay AAA for 2 SEPARATE internet accounts. The main page to one of my websites is:
has been totally lost.

I send one check to AAA yearly for my 2 accounts plus over $300.00 for extra space.

Two months ago, I edited my site and passed it through the FTP and was told I had exceeded my space. This should not have happened. I started deleting most of the midi's and grapics and finally I was able to edited successfully.

I called AAA and told them what had happened and that I wanted the space I'd paid for back. I have lost count of the rest of the times I contacted them and they never did anything about it nor did they return my calls after promising to do so.

Last night, I tried to edit my page:
and the FTP AGAIN said I had exceeded my space again. This wiped out my website. I started deleting all of my remaining midi's and half of my files in order to get my site back on the internet. STILL, it continues to say that I've exceeded my space. By the way, I've deleted more than half of the stuff I had on my OHTER account of /~lhind/

DZN.COM has a list of customers who have webpages. I am just about the only one who still has a website with them. DZN is CONSTANTLY going down. This problem has been happening since I created my website with them over 4 years ago. Once they were down for over 3 weeks.

How is it possible to pay space and then have them take it away, without any explanation? Is this not just like going and paying cash for a livingroom set, and then having the company come and take it back. Is this not like STEALING?

I will be calling AAA to day and this is what I'm going to do if they do not give me back EVERYTHING I paid for:

1. I'm going to go to their business establishment and start SCREAMING bloody murder.
2. I'm going to go to the Better Business Bureau and report them.
3. I'm going to the newspaper company and tell them how AAA took away from me what I already paid for.
4. I'm going to add this complaint that you are reading to my Live Journal, Message Board and to the remaining sites I still have, OVER AND OVER AGAIN!

4. I'm going to start signing guestbooks with this complaint.
5. And if need be, I'm going to contact a lawyer. I have lost money, I have become physically ill. I couldn't sleep last night because I had this RAGE in the pit of my stomach.

Can someone tell me if I have a right to do these things? If so, what eles can I do?

I have to stay with DZN.COM, I've invested countless hours in 4 years creating my webpages. I'm already established with the search engines and I am linked to many other websites. I just don't have the energy to start all over again.

I will be placing this complaint in my Live Journal OVER AND OVER AGAIN!
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