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I went to Sam's yesterday, and just as I had unload my merchandise at the checkout counter, I heard an overpoweringly loud and domineering voice, coming from a man who may have been in his 40's. His very pretty petite wife and two handsome sons looked humiliated and a little apprehensive.

The man was tall and dressed in expensive cowboy attire. He did have a bit of a pot belly which protruded a smidgen from his expensive leather belt buckle. He wore a cowboy hat and had on a pair of expensive armadillo boots. This family was Hispanic, and the man was obviously your typical abusive MACHO MAN.

He continued ordering his family, in a most oppressive, demanding voice. I couldn't make out exactly what he was saying because I was too far, and his voice was forcefully deep and husky. His face showed signs that he was terribly irritated. There was no question in my mind that this family experienced emotional and physical pain and suffering by this individuals "macho man" characteristics. This man controlled his family with an iron fist. His pretty wife look terribly submissive, as did the two very handsome boys, who may have been around sixteen and seventeen years old.

I recognize that domestic violence affects ALL segments of society, but it is most prevalent in the Latin culture, because we Latina's are raised in a MACHO culture where domestic violence is designed to be acceptable; where the man is suppose to be superior and where the wife is expected to "love, honor and obey" their husband at all whatever cost. These men are extremely jealous and continuously scrutinize their wife's every move, while keeping them in total isolation from the rest of the world. They forbid the woman from having any kind of relationship outside the home, often times forbidding them to have friends or to even have any contact with family members. The violence MACHO men experience is a type of behavior that has been learned from generation to generation, and often times has nothing to do with alcohol or drug abuse. A man is taught to be aggressive since childhood, while the woman is conditioned to be passive, making his needs a priority, and the hell with theirs. The Latina tends to stay in an abusive relationship longer than other abused women of other cultures and there are some factors for this.

The Catholic religions (I am Catholic) does not accept divorce, and this is just many of the laws I am NOT in accordence with. In fact, I've been EXCOMMUNICATED from the internet Catholic religion! They can SHOVE IT for all I care! This Catholic decree traps the abused woman into remaining in an emotionally or physically abusive relationship.

Many Latin women have no education, which makes them totally dependent economically on the husband. They literally find themselves prisoner's of their abusive husbands, who subject them to psychological, financial and sexual abuse. Then too, this type of MACHO man makes it clear that if she leaves him, he will kill her, or kill other members of her family.

You see, this type of man is a COWARD, who knows exactly where he's safe from personal bodily harm. He flexes his muscles toward the weak and helpless. He sure as hell wouldn't be such a MACHO man if confronted by Mike Tyson and for that matter with ME! These COWARDS know who to be brave with, and who NOT to!

I continued staring at this pitiful man's repulsive behavior towards his family and many magnificent thoughts came to my mind. First of all, I couldn't help but loath this odious, poor excuse of a man, and then I thought to myself that I'd be willing to forfeit a month's wages, just to be married to him for 24 hours. I kept licking my lips as my saliva dribbled down my mouth, just thinking what I would do with this man.

In my fantasy, I would have sacrificed those 24 hours of my life, experiencing mental, physical and sexual abuse by this man, but after the 24 hours would be over, he would have awoken in the morning, minus a PENIS and a couple of BALLS!

Domestic violence has to STOP!

Is it any wonder why I've chosen to remain single for the rest of my life? The more I see married couples, the more alarmed I become of the institution of marriage!
No, NOBODY messes with Texas and NOBODY messes with Playgirl.
I have spoken!

Now, where are my guns?! Grrr!



"No one can make you feel inferior
without your permission."
- Eleanor Roosevelt

"You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire
universe, deserve your love and affection."
- Buddha

"I am continuously changing. I am not today
who I was yesterday, nor will I be tomorrow
that that I am today. There is NO "in between"
apparatus to my personality."
- Playgirl


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Bear Arms, Shall Not Be infringed."

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