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Playgirl's Wicked Games!

What delightful surprise I had with yesterday's ABSOLUTELY NOT WORK SAFE AND FOR ADULTS ONLY post! Never did I anticipated such an enormous turn out, and they're still coming! What a pleasant surprise!

My LJ friend's replies have been amazing. I always realized they were clever, but never to this extent! Several of my friend's chose to join me for a cup of coffee and just have a nice conversation. I even had a couple of my LJ girlfriend's chat with me, which was a total delight! Sure wish more of my girlfriends would come over for some coffee and a chat!

I must say, I've got some pretty romantic guy's, who know how to turn a girl on, too! I must definitely call them Master's in the Art of Love Making! Many times, I had to go and take a cold shower! What a marvelous imagination!

There were others who were just too shy, while others found me intimidating! Others felt I was just too hot to handle! Haaaaaa

The doorbell just won't stop ringing! Never have I had so much fun with such a potpourri of emotions going on behind CLOSED DOORS!

I totally recommend you do the same on your LJ, if you want to have a fun conversation with your LJ friend's or if you want to have hot passionate love making, with no strings attached! I will be adding this same PLAYGIRL'S WICKED GAMES, ever-so-often, for a PLATONIC conversation or for TOTALLY SAFE SEX!

I want to thank all those dare devils who have participated! You've totally made my YEAR!

By and by, there is still one, who has a continuation to his. He totally left me dangling, and I'm really looking forward to his continuation!

Let me take this opportunity to thank you all for so much fun!font>

1. Continuation of The Mystery of the Missing Cat,
Buried Treasure and the Shadow People - PART 4

2. Guess Where Playgirl Is Going Sometime In April?
3. Playgirl Shares Her One Year Life In Korea With MANY Pictures
4. Playgirl Shares Her One Year Life In Saudi Arabia

5. Playgirl Shares Boobie, Tush and Legs Poems
by the World Famous Poet, Inspectorjury!
This man makes Playgirl's world go all quacky! YAY!

6. Playgirl Shares More of Her Economically Delicious Salsas

7. My real life story about the Shadow People who live in my house. This will be NO joke!


Join The NRA

Join the U.S. Army

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