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How I wish I knew who you were, you repulsive bastard! If I could come in contact with your body, I'd do to you what the Army taught me! I'd tear your demonic body, limb from limb!

I am so very disgusted and angry. I decided to first go buy my mom some flowers and go place them on her grave, before I'd go and pick up the little cat from the vet.

When I got there, I found that someone had stolen her copper vase from her grave. I couldn't believe it! What kind of beast would go and rob from the dead?! BASTARD!

Here's a picture of my mom's grave. See how all the others have their vases with flowers? Hers was stolen sometime this week, because I went to take her flowers last week and she still had her vase. I hope whoever stole it; will find it stuck up his/her perverted ass filled with maggots!

Here are my mom's flowers. I had to leave them on the grass, right next to her poor little grave!

On a happier note:

This little cat is now spayed. She seems a little upset with me, huh? She'll be grateful someday, when she realizes that she won't be responsible for bring unwanted kittens into this world to suffer!

Isn't this the cutest thing you ever saw?! Look how Davy, who I recently had castrated, the Momma cat who I had spayed, also, is taking little worried peek-a-boo's inside the case where I have the cat!

I've had a total of 6 cats fixed, and must now worry about capturing 2 more. They will be most difficult because they just don't trust me anymore! I'll have to get a trapper very soon.

The vet, who has performed these last 3 operations, seems to like me allot! He has been charging me only $40.00 per cat and that's that he has me leave them there over night! What a wonderful man! Now he's truly a vet who loves animals!

"Our scars have the power to remind
us that the past was real."
- Hannibal Lecter

"Music washes away from the
soul the dust of everyday life."
- Berthold Auerbach

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"The Right Of The People To Keep and
Bear Arms, Shall Not Be infringed."

U.S. Army
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