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Playgirl's Grandpa, Cats, & How 2?

Grandpa, Cats, & How 2?

When I took Grandpa to have the operation for his prostate, a while back, it was done through laser surgery. He's having problems again. I will take him to Mexico on Monday, where he will have the operation again, but this time the doctor will cut, so he can scrap the inside of his prostrate. I believe it's called an open prostatectomy. He will be in the hospital for about 4 to 5 days. I am so very worried, because of his age. I can't even think of losing him because I know I wouldn't be able to handle losing this man who so abruptly came into my life, making it worth living. He has been the inspiration I needed so badly, to get my ass in gear and strive to do my best in my endeavors to provide whatever he needs.

Crossing him to Cd. Juárez, Chih., Mexico is not a problem, but bringing him back is, and I WILL find a way! I will take whatever risk is necessary, even if I have to swim the Rio Grande, to have this old man back home, where he will be safe and sound, and where I can nurse him back to health!

I am so very blessed to have a boss like the one I have! Were it not that he allows me to take days off for personal business, I could never do the things I do! He has turned out to be such a good friend. He's an angel, just like my Grandpa!

So pray for him, and wish me luck!

I went to bed very late last night, and woke up at 5 a.m., no thanks to an alarm clock, just the one in my head. Damn! Why can't I sleep late?! It makes me so angry!

I've made an appointment to have another stray cat spayed/neutered. It's for March the 8th and will pick him/her up the next day. I hate to admit it but I didn't continue going through the terrible ordeal of capturing more, and now they're in heat again! I've already had 4 fixed, and now I have 4 more to go! Because of my procrastination, I'll have to pay much more because they're now in heat!

I sure hope you'll take the time to do the same, because there are too many unwanted cats that are suffering! Please do your little part to stop this suffering that unwanted animals go through!

I have a question:
How do you SCREEN replies so nobody else can see them except me?

The reason I ask is because I want to post a fun thing, just like the one Poetpaladin did in his journal.

It's going to be about what you would do with Playgirl if you were both locked up for 24 hours. Just about everybody has posted this fun game in their journals, and I would like to do the same.

Since I posted this:.

Today is Live Journal Amnesty Day, I had a TOTAL of five LJ friend's un-friend me. I must admit it hurt my feelings just a little, but to the fifth one I say, Good Riddance!

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