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I did something I've always hated to do. I agreed to meet my friends, much to their surprise and delight, at one of the most popular and stunning nightclub's in Cd. Juárez, Chih., Mexico. I had to, because I was feeling as down as could be.

I'm glad I did, because surprisingly, I had a great time dancing to the sassy music and drinking my usual Margaritas. I accepted dance invitations from every Tom, Dick and Harry and wiggled my tush like crazy to the sound of Salza and Cumbia Música, and even some Mambo, heh heh, for hours, until my tush couldn't wiggle anymore. When the clock struck 3 am, I bid everyone good-night and drove straight home and went to sleep.

I'm going to start trying to go out more often. I much prefer staying at home, but I must try to change this just a little. This doesn't mean I'll be accepting actual DATES, because I'm NOT. They do so suffocate me!

I'm still feeling very sad about losing a friend, but only time will heal it a little, not completely, but a little. And P-L-E-A-S-E! Don't think for a minute I'm sad because of love! I've NEVER been IN love in my life, nor will I EVER!

My FList is way too big (326), and will delete about 40 people from my FList today for sure.

After I delete these people, I'll add a post asking those who remain, if they would like me to delete them, and I will. NO HARD FEELINGS WHAT-SO-EVER! :o)

Should anyone like to add me to their FList, go ahead and I'll reciprocate. I'm actually quite friendly and nice. :o)

"No one should have to dance
backward all of their lives."
- Jill Ruckelshaus

"One does not have to sleep with, or even touch,
someone who has paid for your meal. All those
obligations are hereby rendered null and void,
and any man who doesn't think so needs a quick
jab in the kidney.
- Cynthia Heimel,
Sex Tips for Girls

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