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I've always been a big fan of the 007 James Bond movies and am really looking forward to watching Casino Royale (2006). Eva Green will be cast as Bond girl Vesper Lynd.

And in other EARTH SHATTERING NEWS, here's a pic of the Mug Shot shirt I bought a while ago. I love it. I think I'll just leave it in its wrapper, because I don't want to ever get it soiled.

There's just one thing that's bothering me. I don't feel they should have put my adorable Pee Wee Herman's picture on the shirt. The guy in the mug shot doesn't even look like Pee Wee, and could possibly be an imposter!

Here's the picture of my new shirt. Nice isn't it?!


I've been up since 4:00 this morning. How I wish I could sleep late, but I have an alarm clock in my head at 4 or 4:30 on the dot! The sleeping pills have help tremendously and only take 1/4 of one when needed.

My boss invited me out to dinner last night and took me to a very fancy restaurant. I had lobster and steak. It was delicious and could only eat half of what was on my plate. I was tempted to ask for a doggy bag, but thought against it because you just don't ask for a doggy bag in a place like that. Next time my boss invites me out to dinner, I'm going to wrap the whole inside of my purse with plastic, so I can discreetly shove the left overs into it and take it to Grandpa! I'm so stupid! There was this little bowl with water on the table, and I picked it up and drank it. My boss explained that it wasn't for drinking, but for washing the tips of ones hands in. How embarrassing! By and by, my boss is only my friend.

I didn't have my usual Margarita this time because he ordered this weird green mint liquore that was out of this world!

Property taxes are constantly going up, and just found out this week that the value on houses has gone up 18%. Last year they raised the value on houses in a big way, and mine went up $33,000 in value because it's located in the upper valley. The house could be ancient and ready to collapse, but they don't go by that, but by the size of the house. I went and fought it and managed to have it lowered just a tiny bit. You just can't win with these bloodsuckers! This city is a border city and it's POOR! I just don't know what the city is trying to do with its homeowners!

And here they've hiked it up AGAIN, which has me a little worried!

El Paso home prices climb 18% from 2004

Vic Kolenc
El Paso Times
Friday, February 17, 2006

El Paso's house prices continue to zoom. The median sales price of El Paso existing homes, the market's midpoint price, was $118,400 in the fourth quarter of last year -- 23.2 percent higher than in the same quarter of 2004 -- data released Wednesday by the National Association of Realtors show.
For all of 2005, El Paso's median sales price was $111,800, an increase of 18 percent from 2004, preliminary data from the association show.

Seventy-two metro areas in the nation had double-digit percentage increases in median home prices in the fourth quarter, the Realtors association reported. Only six metro areas out of 145 tracked by the association had price declines.

The data "confirms what we already know," said Patty Chagra, president of the Greater El Paso Association of Realtors. "El Paso is finally coming up the ladder where we should be. We're still a badly undervalued market compared to other markets."

El Paso home prices climb 18% from 2004

Income Tax time is just around the corner. I've been putting off tackling the mess. Anyway, I'm still waiting for the tax info. from one of my web site affiliates. Everybody else sends the stuff promptly, except for this certain place.

I'm really a money hungry bitch and am constantly trying to find ways to make a buck. Don't hate me for it, it's just that I once new what being homeless and hungry was like and it set a fire in my ass, BIG TIME, to survive! I'm totally on my own and would rather MUCKING die than ever take hand outs from ANYBODY!

I managed to make one of my bedroom's into a business and have been able to claim just about everything, including utilities, computer repairs and software, car insurance, my cell phone and even Mickey and Jewely's pet grooming bills, as a tax deductible! Plus, the apartment I had built in the back gives me lots of deductibles, such as curtains, furniture, repairs and many more things. Someday I'll post pics of that apartment here.

I'm pretty nervous this time about preparing my taxes correctly because there's much more stuff to attend to than what I had last year. I sure don't want to make a mistake when it comes to the Internal Revenue! Hopefully, I'll have it all done before April 15!

And here is a pic of my 2005 tax nightmare:


"We dance for laughter, we dance for tears, we dance for madness,
we dance for fears, we dance for hopes, we dance for screams, we
are the dancers, we create the dreams."

"I wouldn't sell my bike for all the money
in the world. Not for a hundred million,
billion, trillion dollars!."
- Pee Wee Herman

"Success depends upon previous preparation,
and without such preparation there is
sure to be failure."
- Confucius

Join The NRA

"The Right Of The People To Keep and
Bear Arms, Shall Not Be infringed."

U.S. Army
Join the U.S. Army


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